Holy Crap Autocross

Autocrossing – known as Solo in SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) terms is many things. As a race, it’s time trials around a course set up exclusively for that day with orange traffic cones outlining the route, in a parking lot. It’s competitive – there’s nationals – and there are different classes, and different rules. It’s surprisingly fast. Think racing in the realm of 30-45 miles per hour. Maybe faster. Autocross is also one of those things though where you want to do it, but you never get around to it. Far too often I think it gets treated as “I should go, but I don’t know where to begin, maybe I’ll wait or do some upgrades to my car or get some new brakes at least” and then the season is over and you partook in no racing whatsoever.

What it should be instead is more like “Man, when can I get down to the bank to collect my $10,000 cash prize” because it really is that great.

This past weekend, I had an easy entry into it. I attended an autocross school on Saturday and then raced competitively on Sunday. What I found was this: It’s extremely fun. Extremely, extremely fun. Who doesn’t like driving cars? No one reading this blog certainly. If you have qualms about not knowing anything or anyone or the like, put them away. Everyone who autocrosses is exactly like you – which is to say AWESOME! – so don’t fret about it. Now, do read up on what working a corner is like and some basics for how to drive, but you’re wanted to there. People will be¬†accommodating. And you’ll have tons of fun.

As far as me? Out of the kindness of their heart I got to drive an S2000 outfitted with R-Compound tires(I told you the people are nice). They’re amazing. I also got 907 points (out of 1000 – they normalize it across all cars that run) so I did really, really well for my first time out. You too should be there. If you’re in the Denver Area like me, check out http://www.rmsolo.org or http://www.scca.com.

One last reason why you should do autocross? Because when I sat down in my summer class on Monday, someone asked “So Matt, you’re a race car driver, right?”. Yes, yes I am.