My Engine of Change


When the Camry Hybrid first came out, they made a commercial with gratuitous shots of nature and a Camry driving through beautiful scenery (presumably) saving the planet. I’m not insanely fond of Camrys(although I did learn to drive stick on one), but the ad asks “When does an engine become an Engine of Change?”. All of the dictionary definitions of ‘engine’ tell me that an engine is merely something either used for warfare, or a classic internal combustion engine. What I see as an engine though, in this context, is something that moves more spirit than self.

Toyota Ad:

Some people have different Engines of Change. I mean this to be something that changes someone. For some, that might be the Bible or another book on philosophy. Some might find that moving to Florida is the engine that gives them change, or getting the first job, or getting married. It’s the what gives the wake-up call and what perpetuates the waking up early.

Because I’m me though, my Engine of Change is an actual engine. A 1998 Japanese Domestic Market (Only) BEAMS 3S-GE Redtop. And I couldn’t be more excited.

It produces something in the neighborhood of 197 horsepower. And it’s going in my Celica. I’m sure that it will pave the way to me expanding my arsenal of Japanese expletives (of which, my arsenal is currently of size 0).

Two brief notes on “Why”:

  1. It seemed like the thing to do.
  2. “Chaos often breeds life when order breeds habit” – Henry Adams

Anyway. More to come.


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